Safety First


I love this image. I started collecting Kewpie Doll’s a year ago. A little over a year ago I started referring to my husband as Kewpie because as I was keeping him company in the bathroom while he was taking a bath I looked at him and all I could see was an adorable cute Kewpie!

The other reason I love this image is because it says my motto: “Safety First.” I like to stay safe. I take all precautions. I refuse to take unnecessary risks with my safety. I enjoy life I think without taking wild risks. Every night before I go to bed I check to make sure the stove is turned off, sometimes more then once.

I always wear my seat belt and request that my loved ones do the same.

Could this be a touch of OCD? Perhaps. Am I missing out on life? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. Sounds sensible to me. I’m also a fan of safety. (I always wear my seat belt. My seat belt saved my life about 9 years ago when my car slid on an icy patch, went off the road, flipped over, and rolled down an embankment. The car was totaled: windshield & driver’s window smashed, roof caved in, etc. I walked away with superficial cuts from the glass and a sore body for a few days) I do sometimes take calculated risks, but I think life is a wonderful adventure even if I never go bungee-jumping, hang-gliding, or similar.


  2. I am so glad that you were wearing your seat belt! I feel the same about bungee-jumping although I think I might try hang-gliding someday. It really is about calculated risks, I just usually calculate on the safe side. It took an attempt at scuba diving for me to realize this. Thank you for commenting Heather.


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