Welcome to Me

Following is a fabulous introduction to me and my blog. I have decided to pursue this blog as a result of my recent infatuation with The Bloggess who I learned about by haphazardly checking out Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things from the rural library where I work as a library clerk.


I absolutely adored the book and quickly followed up by subscribing to Jenny’s blog and reading her earlier book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I learned that her followers start off by calling themselves strangeling’s until they find more solid names for themselves such as the Sublime Anarchist of Happy Meals or some such.

Since I haven’t quite decided what I want this blog to be about, I just know that I want to write about things that I am passionate about. Some things I am passionate about are books, books, and more books. I also love my husband who I will refer to as Kewpie and my basset hounds Flash and Willy. I also have a jack russel terrier who we call Fez.

I may or may not discuss my mental health. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008 but lately I have been having a series of good days. I love my job working in a rural library part time. I received my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University in 2013. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University that I accomplished in 2008.

I guess in all I love The Bloggess, my husband, my dogs, books, and blogs. Not necessarily in that order. What are you passionate about?


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Me

  1. I’m passionate about: my husband, my nieces & nephews, books, librarianship, literacy, Jane Austen, social justice, classical music, jazz, opera, movies, sea creatures, reptiles, insects & arachnids, exoplanets, science (in general), science fiction, English literature, the proper way to make tea, the history of medicine and about 12,000 other things. Now, aren’t you sorry you asked? 🙂


    1. You make me so happy I asked! Also made me realize I need to look into gaining a few more passions. I also am passionate about literacy and librarianship. My first library experience happened when I was around 9 years old and I was asked to volunteer at the church library where I attended. The librarian there was a wise elderly woman who often treated me to lunch. She was my hero. She let me help categorize the youth books. From then on it seemed destiny that I would eventually become a librarian myself. Thanks for commenting on my blog, maybe sometime you can tell me about the proper way to make tea.

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  2. Welcome to blogging, it’s a lot of fun 🙂 I’m passionate about my husband, reading (and collecting books, which drives my husband mad 😀 ), all my animals (our dogs, cat, chickens and ducks!), having a nice looking garden (you’ll note I didn’t say ‘gardening’. We have an Alice in Wonderland themed garden, but I prefer to watch my husband create said garden rather than do the work myself haha), food (the eating more than the cooking) and learning random and interesting things!


    1. I sometimes love to garden, mostly flowers. An Alice in Wonderland garden sounds delightful. It sounds like your husband is quite the catch if he makes such wonderful gardens for you and perhaps cooks you the food that you love! I am passionate about my husband also, I am afraid I failed to mention it in my post! Thank you for commenting!

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