Flash Lightening


In the last post I mentioned that I loved basset hounds. Here is my adorable basset Flash. I brought him home September 10th, 2013, his birthday is July 23rd, 2013 and I believe that makes him a loving Leo. He is a bit of a trouble-causer. He tends to act out by chewing up things that are not dog toys. Things like slippers, shoes of any kind really, anything he can find that is made of plastic, or sometimes cash money. He also is still having issues with going potty outside. Yet we love him. I adore him. Sometimes he likes to join me when I am reading:


He likes for me to read to him but what he really loves is for me to give him some floor time. That is when we play on the floor together. He sometimes takes my arm into his mouth but he doesn’t really bite. He is the world’s cutest chewy chewer. He takes the chewy from side to side in his mouth like a cigar. You have to see it to know. He also likes to come with me on trips to the lake:


He is actually the third basset hound to enter my life. First there was Rosco, then there was Willy, and now Flash. Flash is the first one to just belong to me. I will post about Rosco and Willy sometime in the future. Flash had to be first, he has a funky attitude and I am so glad that he does.

Do you have any pets? Any that are an especial favorite?


7 thoughts on “Flash Lightening

  1. No pets for me, at present. I love animals, I’m just usually not home enough to take care of them properly. In an ideal world, I’d have a giant Mastiff, a few cats, and a hedgehog. I used to have pet mice in college but their lifespan is so short.

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      1. I adore hedgehogs. I think they’re the sweetest things. When I worked in a bookstore, I had the local Zoomobile bring them (plus a porcupine) in for a children’s program, and I just fell for them completely.

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  2. My first dog was named Flash. And a basset. I kid you not. We got her when I was 6. She died while I was in college. I called home to ask for money. Mom wasn’t going to tell me until I came home for break, but apparently I called right after they took her to the vet for the last time, and she couldn’t hold it in. Loved that dog. When she was about 4 or 5, the Dukes of Hazard came out, and there was a dog named Flash on there. Everyone thought we got our dog’s name from that show, but actually, we had it first. Love bassets, but since then I’ve had labs, and they’re much easier to work out with.


    1. How nice that you got to experience time with a basset hound. I’m sure its true that labs are easier to work with since bassets are definitely stubborn, drooly, and often stinky. All in all a bit of a mess. Thank you for commenting. 🙂


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