Goodbye Scott Weiland, You Were Loved

Backstage 2/2015

This morning I learned the sad news of Scott Weiland’s death. Many people say its not a surprise, but I feel it is sad just the same. Kewpie and I loved Scott and saw him perform at least five times. Twice as a member of Stone Temple Pilots and three times as a member of the Wildabouts. In February of this year we even got backstage passes in which Scott acted wildly and at one point punched Kewpie in the stomach.


Scott always put on a good show. I wish I had a picture from when he came on stage at the Soaring Eagle Casino wearing a full headdress. Of course he was over an hour and a half late coming to the stage, but the wait was completely worth it.


The last time we saw him was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit on November 14th of this year. Only a few weeks ago. I feel sad knowing that I won’t be able to see him with Kewpie again. It had become somewhat of a tradition for us to go to his shows. He will be missed.


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