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Sleep Walking

Have you ever done anything strange in your sleep before?

Last night my husband stopped me just in time. I was about to dig into a bag of dog chewy’s thinking that it was a bag of “gummy treats.” I probably wouldn’t remember this happening except I was so embarrassed.

In the past I have done things in my sleep like make tea. There wouldn’t be anything strange about this except I seasoned the tea with apple slices and trail mix. LOL

According to sleepwalking is caused by the following:

  • hereditary
  • lack of sleep or fatigue
  • interrupted sleep or inefficient sleep
  • illness or fever
  • certain medications
  • stress, anxiety
  • going to bed with full bladder

In my case I think it is due to either anxiety or medication. In the past I took ambien until the psychiatrist stopped prescribing it to me because I reported that I had done some sleep walking. Last night I was experiencing a lot of anxiety so I took some klonopin before bed. I don’t know if I was sleep walking because of the klonopin or if it was because of the anxiety.

Do you have any interesting tales about sleep walking?


2 thoughts on “Sleep Walking

  1. I’ve only sleepwalked (sleptwalked?) once and it resulted in me waking up in the middle of a sleep-shower. However, I sleep-talk once in a while, i.e. hold conversations with my husband while sleeping that I have absolutely no recollection of, but usually only in response to questions, not spontaneously. I also used to sleep-dial, which is why I don’t usually keep my phone within reach of my bed.

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