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If You Could See Me Now


If You Could See Me Now is fun, imaginative, and a little bit magical. I really enjoyed this as light reading, good for escape. I checked it out from the library. Sometimes after I check something out from the library I decide that I just have to own it. For example Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson which I actually ordered a signed edition of.

From the inside cover of If You Could See Me Now:

“Everything in Elizabeth Egan’s life has its place, from the espresso cups in her gleaming kitchen to the swatches and paint pots of her interior-design business. Order and precision keep life under control-and keep Elizabeth’s heart safe from the pain and hurt she has suffered in the past. Being a reluctant mother to her six-year-old nephew while trying to keep her design business on track is a full-time job for Elizabeth, and on that leaves little room for error-or fun.

Until one day, when Ivan unexpectedly comes into their lives. The mysterious Ivan is carefree, spontaneous, and always looking for adventure-everything that Elizabeth is not. If You Could See Me Now is the extraordinary tale of Ivan and Elizabeth. Of how Ivan meets the love of his life before she even sees him, and of how he teaches her that life is only worth living when its blindingly colorful and an occasional mess. Yet just when Elizabeth is starting to trust him, it turns out that Ivan isn’t at all who she thought he was.”

My favorite quote from the book:

“My special power is friendship. I listen to people and I hear what they say. I hear their tones, the words they use to express themselves, and most importantly, I hear what they don’t say. Sighs and silences and avoided conversations are just as important as the things you do talk about.” (Ivan) p. 42

Are there any books that you checked out from a library that you decided that you needed to own? What kind of books do you like to read for escape?

I give If You Could See Me Now 4 out of 5 stars. 🙂


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