Mental Health

Side Effects


A couple of weeks ago I started to take Latuda, an atypical antipsychotic, in order to balance my moods (I have bipolar disorer). I was taking it in place of another antipsychotic – Geodon. Within five days I had so many negative side effects that I had to quit taking it and go back to Geodon. Some of my side effects were:

  • hot flashes as though I had just entered menopause early
  • when attempting to sleep I woke up on the hour every hour
  • when I was awake I felt as though I had narcolepsy and could fall asleep standing up
  • I couldn’t focus/stay awake long enough to read a paragraph
  • My skin itched as though I had taken way too many vicodin
  • My jaw would painfully tense, especially while sleeping

I am grateful to be back on my regimen of Lithium, Trileptal, Geodon, Risperdal, and Klonopin. The Risperdal is being taken on an as needed basis, for when I am experiencing signs of hypomania and the Klonopin is PRN but I usually take one each night to help me feel sleepy.

Have you ever taken anything that gave you so many negative side effects that you just had to stop?


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