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Today I told the hair stylist to make me look like Jessica Jones and this is what I ended up with. A friend asked me why I kept doing new things with my hair and the answer is…I’m not really sure.

I am currently reading The Pull Of The Moon by Elizabeth Bert. I am on page 165 out of 216 pages. It is a gathering of notes. Notes from a 50 year old woman who has taken off on a road trip and left everything behind. Letters that she has written to her husband who is left at home and notes she writes into the turqoise journal she buys just before the trip. I am really enjoying reading the woman’s thoughts while she is on her own trying to find herself.

I recently bought an antique dresser to place upstairs and hold some of my clothes that I no longer have storage for. While Chris was out picking it up for me (I had a really hard time waking up today) he also stopped at a book sale at a Church and got me a book about a librarian. The title of the book is Luck Be A Lady by Cathie Linz. It was so nice of him to think of me.

He also brought me home a squealer from Cops and Doughnuts A squealer is a doughnut with maple frosting topped with bacon. They are delicious trust me.

The last gift arrived in the mail today. Once I wrap that I am done with Christmas prep. I got almost everything done ahead of time this year and I am grateful for that. I am not as broke as usual either so that is nice. This year our celebration is even smaller then usual. Chris and I are on our own for Christmas Eve where we will have ham and cheesy potatoes for dinner. On Christmas Day we will go see Star Wars and then head over to his mom’s house for a dinner of prime rib. Should be really good. Watching a movie on Christmas day is our family tradition. What are some of your traditions?


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