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Winning Against Relapse

I recently finished working my way through Winning Against Relapse: A Workbook of Action Plans for Recurring Health and Emotional Problems by Mary Copeland. Copeland is well known for developing the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). This workbook is an excellent resource for anyone who suffers from mental or physical illnesses especially if they are of the chronic kind.

I used this workbook to help develop a crisis plan. A plan to help when I get sick and can no longer make decisions for myself (scary, I know). Having a plan in place makes me feel much more secure. In the plan I designated who I would like to help make decisions for me. I made a statement saying which hospital I prefer for short or long term treatment. I listed meds that I am currently taking as well as meds I would rather not take and why. I listed support persons and the tasks I feel they would be able to help with. The book recommends getting your crisis plan notarized and witnessed by at least 2 people. I have decided to continue working on my plan, revising it as I see fit and at some point making it somewhat legalized.

I also used this workbook to develop a general daily plan. A sort of schedule to follow if I am having a bad day. My husband looked over my plan and declared that I needed to spend more time with the dogs lol so now I have 2 hours dedicated to them. Here is my daily plan as it currently stands:

Daily Plan

7am-8am – Wake up, make coffee, feed dogs, drink cup of coffee while checking email and Facebook, take a shower, dress casually.

8am-9am- Sit in the sunlight and chat with friends online while drinking coffee. Have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, call and make tdoc or pdoc appt. Take morning meds

9am-10am – Work on blog, journal, do something creative

10am-11am- Do a load of laundry, unload dishwasher, walk on treadmill while either listening to an audio book or favorite music (take dog with you if weather permits) Chris thinks I need to watch Jerry Springer.

11am-noon – Play with dogs (play on floor, play dot, etc;)

Noon – 1pm- Text or call a supportive friend, color or read

1pm-2pm – Check email, eat sandwich for lunch, chat with friends online

2pm-3pm – Put away laundry, do housework

3pm-4pm – Read

4pm-5pm- spend time with dogs (pet Willy, Flash, Fez, and spend some time on the floor playing with Flash). Give all the dogs a chewy if possible.

5pm-6pm – Spend time with Chris, prep dinner

6pm -9pm – Eat dinner, spend time with Chris watching television or movie

9pm – 10pm -Take night time meds, read, relax, and prepare for bed

10pm – Go to bed

I think having a plan like this is a great idea because sometimes it is hard to decide what to do. Sometimes when I am having a bad day I would like to just stay in bed all day but I know that if I follow what I set out in this plan I will feel much better.

The book also had a helpful section on improving self esteem and developing a support system. I highly recommend this book especially to those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

I checked this book out from the library but I am thinking of buying myself a copy. You can get it from Amazon for as little as $4.


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