Top 3 Blogs

Sometimes I have too much time on my hands; but lately I have found a productive way to spend my time online! One of the avenues I have rediscovered is the wonderful world of blogs and blogging. Here are my top 3 favorite blogs right now:

1)The Bloggess

Here you will find the wondrous and varied thoughts of well-known author and sufferer of anxiety and depression Jenny Lawson. She has authored two books including Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy both are somewhat goofy and totally entertaining memoirs. In her blog you will find random things like artwork and links to her wide array of strange bauble found on I already bought myself a bumper sticker that says Strangeling and a silver ribbon button that says Never Give Up.

2) Thirty Hand-made Days

If you have any free time and an interest in doing creative projects this is the blog for you. Mique posts nearly daily and idea for a project that will improve your life in some way or another. She often includes printables for you to use. From one of her posts I gleaned the pattern to make savings envelopes. I placed stickers all over them and now I inspired to slip a few dollars in here and there in an effort to save money for the big road trip which I will tell you about in a future post.

3) The Modern Mrs. Darcy

I am just getting to know Moder Mrs. Darcy. So far I am very impressed with her literary posts. She has a fabulous 2016 Reading Challenge that has many people motivated to read this year. I also greatly appreciated her free printable Reading Journal. It’s over fifty pages of space for notes and lists regarding reading. Love it.

I hope you get a chance to check out one or more of these blogs. I promise you it will be worth it!



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