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7 Days Of Love


I forget how I came across The Dating Divas blog. These creative women purport to “strengthen marriages, one date at a time.” So far I am really enjoying the 7 Days of Love project. It is based on The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman; a book I read and enjoyed and then mostly forgot about some years ago. The divas have modified the names of the five love languages to intimacy, words of love, acts of service, giving gifts, and meaningful moments.

Day 1 involved both of us taking a quiz to determine which of the love languages we favored. The quiz had fifteen questions asking things like I love it when my spouse a) gives me back rubs or b) takes the trash out without being asked. I had a hard time convincing Kewpie to take the quiz but I managed to get him to give it an attempt. He got through question ten before becoming enraged and claiming that basically the quiz was gay and meant for only women to take. Mostly because of the question that said my favorite thing my spouse does is a) brings me flowers for no reason at all or b) plans and carries out a special date night with just the two of us. In his world only men are allowed to bestow flowers and plan date nights.

I ended up filling out the rest of the quiz for him and discovered that his preferred love  languages are words of love and acts of service. I took the quiz myself and found that my preferences are meaningful moments (I think Chapman called this quality time) and words of love coming in a close second.

I am still in the midst of the 7 days which I think for us could turn into a couple weeks or maybe a month. Today for words of love I left love notes all over the place and then placed 9 love notes in envelopes labeled 9am to 5pm for him to open each hour tomorrow; that is if he cooperates. His response to the love notes was “what is this horse shit?!?” and “this is so Jenny.” In other words I think he loves it.

I have to work all day tomorrow so day two of the seven days of love which is acts of service will have to wait until Wednesday. I plan on doing a lot of housework and maybe something even better if I can think of it and seeing how he responds. I am afraid he might not notice so I might have to say things like did you see I took the trash out or does the house look cleaner then usual? Unless you have better thoughts?

On one of the love notes I let him know that I really love to listen to audio books with him. Today we were listening to one of my favorites: Furiously Happy read and authored by possibly my favorite author Jenny Lawson.

One of my new goals this year is to completely fill a journal so I am going to go work on that. If you decide to do the 7 days with your loved one, I wish you all the best! I plan on updating you on how the week unfolds in a future post. Cheers.


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