The Daily Grind, Beliefs, & Values


Occasionally I go to an informal astrology class. It is held weekly but I only go about once a month. The facilitator, her name is Beckie, hands out our weekly astrology charts and a group of about 5 or 6 women discuss things pertaining to astrology for an hour and a half. I really enjoy the class because we go above and beyond information about our primary (sun) signs. We also discuss the houses, transits, natal charts, and more. Most of the women subscribe to a magazine called The Mountain Astrologer which is a very informative publication that has practically poetry about what the new moons mean. I stopped subscribing because I don’t attend the class very often and many of the articles were beyond my understanding or interest.

Yesterday my good friend from the group, named V, gave me a very nice gift. A WeMoon Calendar which is a handy date book that includes all of the moon phases, major transits, and a lot of other witchy information. Also, Beckie gave me an extended 2016 Astrology forecast for both my sun sign which is Libra and my rising sign which is Scorpio. I really enjoyed the forecast, and the Libra one seemed very pertinent as to what is going on with my life as far as my recent break off of my relationship with my foster mother and some other stuff that is going on with me mentally. One thing it said I should think about doing, and I agree, is examining my beliefs and values.

I’ve always struggled with finding concrete beliefs or values. One time when I was under twenty years old and in a community college class, I forget which one, the teacher asked us to group up and discuss our values. At the time I felt that I was too young to have values, I guess that is pretty weird considering the response I got from my group members when I told them so. Well now I am 38 and I believe it is beyond time I figured out exactly what those beliefs and values are. I bought a journal for a good price (only 2 bucks!) a couple weeks ago and i intend to fill that sucker out by the end of this year. Yet another new year’s resolution of mine. I wrote down a couple of my beliefs in there and I would like to share them with you:

I believe that since energy cannot die but only transform, something happens with our life’s energy when we die. Hence the infinity symbol in this post which I also have a version of tattooed on my left shoulder. I don’t necessarily believe in heaven but I think it is possible that we reincarnate. Still, I’m not sure, so it’s possible that although I once was a religious nut I have now become somewhat agnostic. This is worth exploring further.

I believe that most people are mostly good. Yes there are some total creeps out there but I believe they are outliers. I don’t think good people get enough credit and that they should spread the news of good people more often on the news. I rarely watch the news because I find it more depressing then informative and most of the things I really need to know I find out in my daily internet intake.

I believe that hypocrisy is extremely bad and I try very hard not to be a hypocrite. My foster mother is very much a hypocrite and I never want to be like her. In a future post I plan on discussing her and our relationship which I believe is no longer worthy of being called a relationship. I had to set a very strong boundary there.

I value leading by example. In everything I do, anywhere, I do my best to set a good example. I don’t ever want to be a person who says “do as I say, not as I do.” I very much hate that statement. I think people who say that belong in the category of creeps.

Over the rest of the month or maybe even the rest of the year, I plan on continuing to examine my beliefs and values and determine the why’s behind them. What is your most important goal for this year?


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