25 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am very introverted, so it’s a bit surprising that I decided to take over leadership of a meetup group on The group is basically a social one, an excuse to get out there and have new experiences while meeting new people. I figure I can handle doing this once a week.
  2. I toyed with being a pagan last year. I bought a lot of supplies such as different colored candles, a bowl and pestle for grinding herbs, a copious amount of essential oils, and a cauldron. Yes that’s right, a cauldron. It cost me close to $30 for a miniature cauldron off of etsy. So  far I haven’t burned anything in my cauldron but I did attempt a few rituals and spells.
  3. I am seriously considering attending a convocation in February. The details about this event can be found at A friend of mine from online whom I have never met is going and says she would love to meet me there. It all looks very interesting.
  4. When I was in the Navy I helped build President Bush’s flight suit for when he landed on the aircraft carrier.
  5. I still have little pins from when I was in elementary school and I won second place in the spelling bee and I was on the academic honor roll. I still have some pins and patches from when I was in the Brownies. I will probably still have these when I die, at which point they will be garbage because at this point I have no children or anyone to care about them.
  6. I can be somewhat depressing sometimes
  7. I love basset hounds, I will probably have a basset hound as a companion for the rest of my life.
  8. I once got in a fight when I was in high school. I lost.
  9. I was a foster child and lived in 3 different foster homes growing up from the time I was 2 years old.
  10. My biological brother is an electrical engineer and my husband will graduate with a degree in electrical engineering in May
  11. On my bucket list I would really like to travel to NYC, Paris,and London someday.
  12. My favorite color is periwinkle. My version of periwinkle is actually a light shade of slate blue.
  13. I have been married for 12 years and six months to a very good, thoughtful, and generous man who is 3 months my senior.
  14. I love my house and in a way I wish I never have to leave it. I wish I could transport it to a place with warmer weather.
  15. I  grew up in California and most people think I am Mexican but although I am not completely sure, I don’t think that I am.
  16. Some people just say that I look ethnic, whatever that means.
  17. I like to play black jack but most of the time I am too scared to take the risk.
  18. I am addicted to clothes shopping and I have too many clothes I think, I mean that is, if that is possible which sometimes I doubt. I think the truth is just that there isn’t enough storage space.
  19. I like to make desserts more then anything else food wise.
  20. My favorite meal is shrimp fettucine alfredo from Johnny Carino’s Restaurant followed by oreo cream pie. That would be my dream meal. Oh and don’t forget the good bread dipped in olive oil.
  21. My husband goes out of his way to make my birthday and all other romantic occasions special. He starts buying me gifts in August even though my birthday isn’t until October.
  22. Astrology is one of my favorite subjects to study.
  23. I tried to learn the tarot recently but like many other things I have temporarily given up. Occasionally I will still draw cards for the fun of it.
  24. I think my dog Flash is the cutest basset hound in the world at this time.
  25. I love my job. I work part time at a small rural library and am in charge of a book club and some art events.It’s perfect for me.

What are some random facts about you that you would like to share?


4 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Me

  1. When I was 11, I convinced the kids in my neighborhood that I could talk to the birds. And make it rain. Of course, I’d wait until there were plenty of rain clouds overhead, then I’d dance in some kind of pseudo-native fashion. They believed me.


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