Unvalentines, Valentines, Galentines (& Printables)

It has been a busy week. Ever since I took over the local meetup group I have been very busy. We are doing a lot to celebrate Valentines Day this  year. On Tuesday we went to the Market on Main and had a five course meal with a group of women. It was lovely. That was the Unvalentines Dinner. On Saturday I am going to a Galentine’s Party. Girls only. With my new friends Lisa and Jessica and I think about 6 others that I don’t know very well.

Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Kewpie and I may go to the Price is Right live show at the casino. Should be fun. We went last year and Jerry Springer was the host. We told each other we weren’t going to exchange gifts but already Kewpie has given me a pocket knife, a remote car starter, and a little bar of silver engraved with hearts and “my heart is with you.” For him, I got him a wooden postcard that says I love you Kewpie.

It’s not too late to find things to give your sweetheart if you have a printer. So far I have found the following printables:


Dinosaur Valentine Printables


Funny Valentines


You’re All That

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