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Book Review: All Fall Down

I recently finished up reading All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner. For someone who usually writes chic-lit, the topic she addresses in this book is quite serious and effects a lot of people: prescription pill addiction (opiate addiction). Like one of the characters in the book says, it starts with Vicodin and ends with going down to whatever town and shooting up heroin.

Luckily for the main character of this book, although it got bad, it didn’t get quite that bad. In the end her husband pulls an intervention on her, threatening to take away her kid if she doesn’t go to rehab.

At this point she’s popping pills, literally like altoids.

I would have liked to have seen her bust out of rehab and prove that you can live a functional life while taking drugs. LOL, of course that is not what happens.

The book provides a clear window into what addiction can be like and hopefully raises awareness to a current drug issue in America- addiction to pain killers.

I recommend this book to anyone who has any curiosity about what its like.


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