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Cleaning & Organizing Printables

First I would like to show you what I did with some of the St.Patrick’s Day Printables from my last post. I printed some of them out and decorated the checkout desk at Sherman Township Library where I work

IMG_2515 (1)

Today I would like to highlight a different blog with some more helpful printables. The blog is called Neat House Sweet Home where Flavia gives us all a helpful hand in making our homes neat so that our homes can be sweet. In her introduction she says “I want you to know that, I believe that homemaking is not a race that you must win. To me, homemaking is a journey that you should enjoy.”

Some of her most popular posts are one with a weekly meal planner free printable

It looks like this:


I recommend you go check it out. For other free printables from Flavia check out some of her favorite posts listed on the right hand side, including but not limited to, setting daily goals, another free printable, and organize bathroom closet with free printables

What I am looking forward to most is organizing my house with the 52 Weeks to a Neat House plan that Flavia created.

If you know of any free organizational printables please let me know, I am in love with printables. I also am in love with cleaning lists and tasks. I rarely actually do them but I like reading about them lol.

Have a nice day.


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