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You Are What You Are Meant To Be (Mindfulness)


I recently came across some paperwork on mindfulness, I would like to share some of it with you:


JUST NOTICE THE EXPERIENCE. Notice without getting caught in the experience. Experience without reacting to your experience.

Have a “TEFLON MIND,” letting experiences, feelings, and thoughts come into your mind and slip right out.

CONTROL your attention, but not what you see. Push away nothing. Cling to nothing. Be like a guard at the palace gate, ALERT to every thought, feeling, and action that comes through the gate of your mind.

Step inside yourself and observe. WATCH your thoughts coming and going, like clouds in the sky. Notice each feeling, rising and falling, like waves in the ocean. Notice exactly what you are doing.

Notice what comes through your SENSES–your eyes, ears,nose, sking, tongue. See others actions and expressions. “smell the roses.”


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