Mental Health

Mindfulness in Relationships

Attending to Relationships

  • Don’t let hurts and problems build up
  • Use relationship skills to head off problems
  • End hopeless relationships
  • Resolve conflicts before they get overwhelming

Balancing Priorities vs. Demands

  • If overwhelmed, reduce or put off low-priority demands.
  • Ask others for help; say no when necessary
  • If not enough to do, try to create some structure and responsibilities; offer to do things.

Balancing the Wants-To-Shoulds

  • Look at what you do because you enjoy doing it and “want” to do it; and how much you do because it has to be done and you “should” do it. Try to keep the number of each in balance, even if you have to:
  • Get your opinions taken seriously
  • Get others to do things
  • Say no to unwanted requests

Building Mastery and Self-Respect

  • Interact in a way that makes you feel competent and effective, not helpless and overly dependent.
  • Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and opinions; follow your own wise mind.

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