Cleaning Schedules


Sometimes things get out of hand around my house. I am not a domestic goddess. When it goes to far I rely on cleaning schedules that I find online. I try to get into a routine so that I don’t have to think too hard.

At one point I considered Fly Lady to be a good friend. She is a great resource if you are a beginner who is lost in chaos. If you need help setting up routines and you want to start at the very beginning I suggest going to her site and signing up for the daily digest of her emails. She will get you going in no time. Personally after a while I lost faith in her ability to help me because I tend to rebel against the system.

Lately I am more into finding printable cleaning schedules online and adjusting them to fit my own needs. Here are some that I really like and am considering trying.

Daily & Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Another Option


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