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The 10 Piece Wardrobe

Earlier today I was reading one of Modern Mrs Darcy’s blogs about reducing your wardrobe to 10 pieces not counting outerwear, sweaters, shoes, and such. This has something to do with the fallout from a book by Jennifer L. Scott titled Lessons From Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living In Paris that was published in 2012. Apparently, reducing one’s wardrobe leads to living a better-dressed life due to reducing the amount of stress associated with choosing what to wear each day. The point is to maintain a small amount of quality pieces rather than to accumulate several sort of junky pieces from the bargain rack.

In her blog, Anne aka Modern Mrs Darcy, states that she would keep the following:

  • 1 pair of slacks
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 3 dresses
  • 4 blouses

This made me ponder about my own haphazard wardrobe and consider what pieces I would want to keep if I had to limit myself to 10 pieces for the summer season. I’m glad that this doesn’t count shoes since I have a bit of a problem when it comes to accumulating boots, sandals, and etc. Also, Mrs Darcy says that t-shirts don’t count, which is great because I like to collect concert t-shirts. Obviously, my lifestyle is a bit more relaxed than most women. I guess that could require more explanation but I will save it for another post.

Here is what I have hypothetically decided to keep:

  • silver jeans (my absolute favorite, they just fit so nicely)
  • bell bottoms
  • jean shorts
  • black skorts
  • black print dress
  • brown paisley maxi dress
  • white tank top
  • turqoise blouse, black blouse, blue hippie blouse

That was kind of a difficult exercise. Now I wonder, what would you keep?


3 thoughts on “The 10 Piece Wardrobe

  1. I saw that book in a publisher’s catalog and wanted to read it. Ten items? Hmm. I pretty much live in my jeans and t-shirts. I need to expand my wardrobe. But since I live in a playhouse, I don’t have much room to hang stuff!

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