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Oh Scrap! Free Scrapbooking Resources

A month or so ago I bought the cutest scrapbooking kit at a yardsale. It came with 4 small albums and lots of stickers and embellishments. I am currently working on the one that is supposed to be “All About Me.” So far I have included my very first school picture, my natal astrology chart, and my first memory. I am thinking about including some pages about some of my favorite memories and things.

Now that I have found a new love in scrapbooking I thought I would share some of the free scrapbooking resources that I have found online so far.

When looking for scrapbooking resources one of my first ideas was to check out Pinterest. There are always endless sources of inspiration to be found in pins and boards.

Scrapbooking Resources on Pinterest

Another great site for scrapbooking resources is found at

Here you can find newsletters, videos, poems, quotes, scrapbook titles, and articles. I saw some great possible titles for this blog post there. Some of my favorites are:

“Born to Crop, Not to Mop”

“Life is Simple…Eat, Sleep, and Crop”

“Scrapbooking is Life, the Rest is Details”

“Once I Discovered Scrapbooking, I Forgot How To Cook”

“Who Needs Boys When You Can Scrapbook?”

Continuing on in my search for free resources. At the following site you can find links to further sites that include information such as free embellishment patterns, free word art, and scrapbook page sketches:

Rebecca’s Favorite Free Stuff For Scrapbooking

Here is a link to free scrapbooking pages that you can print out

I edited this post just to add these free pretty tags for your scrapbook

I hope you find some of these resources helpful in your scrap booking adventures.

Stay well.



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