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Sorry that I have been so quiet for so long but there is something that has been in the works. After my last experience working “for the man,” I realized that I could no longer fare well in that kind of environment and that it was time for me to follow my heart and do what I love. I may never make a living but I know that I will have a chance to be happy so it’s a risk that I am willing to take.

The big news is that I have opened an Etsy shop! I called my shop Old School Jenny because whenever I work at paper crafts my husband exclaims that I am being old school Jenny since this is what I have done for as long as he has known me. This has been a large part of my life lately especially because my loving husband invested in getting me a Cricut die cut machine. The more I work with the Cricut the more I see that there are endless possibilities for what I can do with my arts and crafts.

So far my shop is dedicated to selling paper crafts like cards, gift tags, and book marks but soon I would like to expand into selling mental health journal worksheets and other forms of digital art and productivity fare. I feel that with having close to ten years of experience of living with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder I have gained an intimate understanding of what it takes to maintain stability in the face of a terrible chronic disease. I would like to share what I have learned with the public in the form of downloadable journal worksheets. I hope to eventually expand into traveler’s notebook inserts.

That is farther on down the road for now please take a look at the beautiful cards and gift tag/book marks that I have created at Old School Jenny

Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure:



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