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One Of Everything

So the first month anniversary of my shop has come and gone and I think the first month was very successful. There were a total of 3 orders. One was for a set of special positive affirmation bookmarks. Another was for two sets of pumpkin gift tags. The third order was incredible. My friends dad ordered one of everything in the shop.

I was able to ship his order yesterday. All except for one item. The custom scrapbook layout. That part of his order is going to take some serious time and effort since it is my first custom scrapbook layout. He has requested a Harley Davidson layout which I am very excited about. I can’t wait to post pictures when I am finished.

Due to such a large order my shops inventory has been reduced drastically. I went from having 23 items available to having about 13; so I have my work cut out for me. I would like to come up with ten fresh new items within the next week or two. I will be sure to share my new designs with you. Meanwhile here is one of my favorite shop items: a digital journal kit:

Steampunk Journal Kit


2 thoughts on “One Of Everything

  1. Hi Jenny! You fav’d an item in my Etsy shop today and I don’t normally respond but saw that you were from Michigan! I always reply to fellow Michiganders!! You have just the cutest items in your store and yes, the holidays are around the corner so keep that shop full! I’ll definitely be poking my nose around to see what you’ve been creating! Best wishes for your store. Love your blog too!


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